Alexander Mellas first started Alexander’s Auto Repair in 2002 on the belief and principle that quality auto service can and will be done with excellent customer service and at a fair price. It doesn’t take much research to find customers giving praise to Alexander.  You can see the quality reviews on Yelp, Google and even the BBB.  These are customers who took the time to write a review.

There is a 99.9% probability that your interaction with Alexander’s Auto Repair will include speaking with Alexander himself.  Alexander is a true small business owner, he knows it is important to be there for his customers.  Now you might see on the website a smiling young man in a blue shirt, his name is Oscar.  Oscar can be described as the right hand man, manager and do it all for the business.  Alexander prefers the one on one interaction with the customers so he made Oscar smile for the website photos.

When you are having trouble with your automobile, stress becomes part of you life.  The first question we all want an answer to is, ‘What’s Wrong With It?’ The second question we want to know but only sorta know is, ‘How Much Is It Going To Cost?’

So the two above questions can be a major pain for you but it’s the 14 years of Alexander running his business that will provide you with some peace of mind.  The guys at Alexander’s will first get a understanding of what the problem is and then they will deliver you a solution.  14 years in business means pricing is very good and very fair.  Yes there are lots of auto repair facilities to choice from but 14 years in business means happy customers and lots of repeat customers.

The next time your automobile needs service or if your thinking about starting a relationship with Alexander’s Auto Repair take the time and stop on in.  You will be impressed with the facility and more impressed that your dealing with the owner himself, Alexander Mellas.

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us.  We recently launched a new website so our customers can have the best experience possible.  If we do something great for you we hope you will take a moment and leave a positive review for us.  If we didn’t impress you please talk to us, we want you to have the best auto service experience possible.


Alexander’s Auto Repair

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